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DDM/Killer/TR/Hitec HS-900SGS 1200 oz. Losi Steering Servo

Now available at ddm is the long awaited Hitec HS-900SGS Servo and installation kit! Available to ship TODAY July 30, 2013. This thread will serve as a central hub to help answer any tech help about this conversion/install as well as any general questions and feedback that can be addressed. Below is the story on how we were able to get the most complete and refined steering solution for the Losi 5IVE. Continue reading

Darksoul Dual Steering Servo Mount for the Losi 5IVE-T

The Losi dual steering servo bracket is the single best hop up you can buy for your Losi in terms of added performance. Machined from a single piece of aluminum, this bracket mounts directly to the chassis, eliminating any and… Continue reading

Killer RC Direct Power Dual Servo Setup for the Losi 5IVE-T

Here is the best way to get direct power to your steering servos. This keeps your wiring as short and clean as possible, with minimal connections, so you get maximum voltage and amperage to your steering servo(s). Continue reading

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