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DDM Dominator Pipe for the Losi 5IVE-T

Brand New offering from DDM, the new ddm Dominator ® tuned exhaust pipe for Losi 5ive is now available.  This is a fantastic pipe – the mount is rock solid and the powerband hits hard (especially in the area of low end torque). After many months of work in designing and manufacturing this pipe, we are really happy with the final result. Continue reading

BZM Exhaust System for the Hpi Baja

BZM Micro bring to you the next level Baja exhaust system.
We have included all the tech from the hugely successful Losi BZM pipe to give you the ultimate power pipe, the pipe was designed with the BZM and other reed engines in mind but this pipe will work well on all high end piston ports giving you the low down grunt needed and not really letting to many top RPM’s go. Continue reading

RCLS Vendor Giveaway #3 DDM V2 Dominator Baja Pipe

RCLS Vendor Giveaway #3 for the HPI Baja from DDM  a Rear V2 Dominator Baja tuned Pipe. Continue reading

Losi Tuned Pipe for the 5ive-T

Tuned Exhaust Pipe, 23-30cc Gas Engines: 5IVE-T by Losi (LOSR8020).

The Losi LOSR8020 tuned pipe is dollar-for-dollar the easiest and cheapest performance upgrade you can buy for your 5IVE-T. This complete exhaust system uses advanced two-stroke tuning technology to dramatically increase the low and mid range power and throttle response allowing any common 23-31cc engine to reach peak RPMs much quicker.

Continue reading

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