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Darksoul Dual Steering Servo Mount for the Losi 5IVE-T

The Losi dual steering servo bracket is the single best hop up you can buy for your Losi in terms of added performance. Machined from a single piece of aluminum, this bracket mounts directly to the chassis, eliminating any and… Continue reading

Darksoul Racing Billet Vented Clutch Housing For the Losi 5ive

Darksoul Racings new billet aluminum clutch housing. This is the perfect compliment to our vented clutch bell carrier for the Losi 5ive. Our vented clutch housing will also work with the Baja 5B / SC or any other large scale RC that utilizes a CY clutch housing offset. Continue reading

DarkSoul Racing Losi 5ive-T Billet Differentials


The new DarkSoul 7075 Billet Aluminum Differentials are done….. finally. Seeing as how the Losi 5ive is currently the only large scale (non-clone) on the market with a plastic diff housing, we felt it was only a matter of time before the big engines were going to start eating up the plastic housings (much like the HPI Baja, before they switched to metal housings), so Continue reading

DarkSoul Toobz for the HPI Baja 5sc drive axles

DarkSoul Racing releases Toobz for the larger Baja 5SC drive axles.

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Thunder Valley’s King of California Race 04-30-11

I had a great time up at Thunder Valley last weekend attending their “King of California” race. I left late Friday night and stayed at a local hotel so I could get to the track early on Saturday to setup my live broadcasting gear so those who couldn’t make it could watch from home.

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Featured Build: Darksoul / HPI Baja Road Race Build

Ted from Darksoul Racing has begun his Road Racer build using the HPI Baja 5B SS kit along with many other aftermarket parts.  There has already been some great setup tips with Ted enlisting the help of “Jason Mac” to build and tune the shocks for this specific application.

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