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Team Chase RC Club Race Series

The team chase Compound race facility is a RC club, its sole purpose to provide a fun place for our club to meet and race. The Team Chase compound is a private facility and only club members are allowed to race. Continue reading

Giveaway #19 Turtle Racing Products HPI Baja Servo Saver

RCLS Vendor Giveaway #19 Courtesy of Turtle Racing Products. TR Hpi Baja Servo Saver Continue reading

2 Hot new items from Turtle Racing Products

Turtle Racing Products has done it again with 2 new revisions of existing products.  First the V2 Baja Clutch System, reworked and redesigned to include better cooling performance, ease of maintenance and removal.  Second the V2 completely redesigned Pull Start which is by far the best system available. Continue reading

Team Chase Front Bumper Brace for HPI 5T/5SC

Team Chase just announced their new front bumper brace for the HPI Baja 5B and 5SC!  It is a direct bolt on replacement made from the same special polymer blend used in their 5T and 5SC roll cage.  It will… Continue reading

Turtle Racing Billet Pull Start

Turtle Racing has designed & manufactured this Pull Start to greatly reduce the problems starting your Zen/CY motors. We started with a very heavy duty rope, then we added a double sealed bearing to the Spool. The bearing helped tremendously, no more plastic on plastic friction. We then modified the aluminum spawl, polished it and Teflon Plated it. We designed the housing for proper venting while not allowing debris to enter.


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Thunder Valley’s King of California Race 04-30-11

I had a great time up at Thunder Valley last weekend attending their “King of California” race. I left late Friday night and stayed at a local hotel so I could get to the track early on Saturday to setup my live broadcasting gear so those who couldn’t make it could watch from home.

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Team Chase Rear Shock Towers for the HPI Baja 5b, 5t, and 5sc.

The Team Chase rear shock tower brace is a long awaited for part that replaces the stock tower that is prone to several issues found on all HPI Baja models including the 5b, SS, 5t and 5sc. The first issue with the stock part is the fact that the very important rear shock brace mounts to this area and simply just screws into plastic with no nuts for reinforcement. This is a very significant issue as a lot of weight and stress is put on this area. The Team Chase Rear Shock Tower changes that by adding dual nylock nuts to each brace mounting points.


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Bash Session – Brisbane 04-03-11

Check out the photos of our bash session at a private track in Brisbane, thanks to chino63 for taking most of these pics.

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HPI Racing East Coast Baja Nationals

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Team Chase Silver Cage for Baja 5T & 5SC

The Team Chase cage was designed to be driven and abused. Scale looks, Extremely Strong, and light weight. Replaces the stock cage on your Baja 5T & 5SC and allows easy access to work on your truck. The Cage attaches to the 8 body mount points, 2 in the front and rear, and 2 on each side. So as fast you just pull the 8 clips and its OFF!

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