Zenoah G320RC 31.8cc Engine

Huge news for the Large Scale community, the all new Zenoah G320RC 31.8cc Engine will be available soon at DDM.  DDM has been testing this motor over the past few months and state that it is “amazing”, especially when considering the price. It’s a completely new crankcase/cylinder etc.

Displacement: 31.8cc
Bore: 38mm
Stroke: 28mm
Dry Weight: 2.3kg
Overall Dimension: 164mm Length, 215mm Width, 196mm height
Maximum Output (stock)
Fuel: Pre-mixed gasoline and 2-cycle oil, 25:1 ratio


Arriving Approx April 15 at ddm:
Zenoah G320RC 31.8cc 4-Bolt Engine – Complete with Clutch

See this thread for more information http://www.rclargescale.com/forum/engine-exhaust/11189-zenoah-g320rc-31-8cc-engine-huge-news.html

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