RCLS “Spotlight On” TGN Distributing & Exeter Hobbies

RCLS takes an inside look at the inner workings of TGN Distributing and brings you a brief history of how it all began.  Inside the new Location, which also houses TGN’s new Retail Hobby store Exeter Hobbies

In addition to the retail and distribution businesses TGN also operates LSN (LargeScaleNews.com).  LSN  is an informative/news website that deals with all of the goings on in the Large Scale RC Industry.


Mark Hull started TGN back in the late 90′s and ran the company mostly on his own up until 2005 when he started adding team members to help the company grow.   TGN now has 4 full time employees in house as well as several part-time team members of which many work offsite.  Mark is in charge of the daily inner workings of TGN.  He manages his team and makes sure TGN offers the same personal service they have been providing for over a decade.

TGN currently offers products from 84 different companies with several being exclusive to TGN.  In addition to TGN’s Large Scale RC product line up they also offer products for Short Course Trucks, Scale RC’s,  Rock Crawlers, Tools and Apparel and coming soon Airplanes and Heli’s.

TGN Recently announced FREE SHIPPING on all Domestic Orders!


Some Photos from inside TGN’s new Facility



The BZM powered beast!

Team Chase Cage Anyone?

Bodies, Bodies and More Bodies.

Still one of the best aftermarket ad ons!!!!

Look at all of those Tires!

Just look at all this good stuff!!!! Would it be fun to spend a day in here or what?

Will we be seeing bags of Popcorn in our deliveries now?

The infamous TGN Round Table.  We can only imagine what happens here besides lunch.

Look at all these boxes ready to ship and put a huge smile on some lucky customers faces.

Now we know how you get all those great product photos.

Check out some Pictures of the New Exeter Hobbies Retail shop.

What a cool looking  Historic building.

3 Responses to RCLS “Spotlight On” TGN Distributing & Exeter Hobbies

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  • TGNman says:

    Thanks for the post RCLS. I was happy to open our doors and share images never before seen inside TGN.

    FYI on our round table and our cool 80 year old building. Our building for 70 years was a pattern shop (basically a wood shop) where molds were made for large irrigation valves and what not. That is why you see the track up in the ceilings where the heavy molds were transported to the back of the shop and into a truck where they headed out to a foundry just down the street.

    The round table seen in the image above is actually a face plate for a very large vertical lathe used in the original business here. Same with the smaller table you see the Losi placed on in our store. They are such a great peace of history and we are happy to own them.

    Thanks again for this post RCLS.

    Mark Hull
    Owner of TGN Distributing.

  • Juha-Matti Suomalainen says:

    Wow, tgn has super large space in they shop..
    Never seen something so big when talking about rc.
    Can i come work to you:D

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