Stage 8 Locking Fastener Bolt for RC Exhaust Manifolds

Here at ddm we collaborated with Bruce Bennett, the owner of Stage 8 fasteners to bring a simple and extremely effective product to the RC industry. He has been making locking fasteners for years on things like drag cars, performance street cars, military drones, and more! He is a very cool guy and was thrilled to work with us on this project. He was able to take some of his existing products and modify them for use with many pipes and manifolds that we use in 1/5th scale RC.

The way the product works is easy. An 8mm 10.9 grade socket head bolt is individually modified with a groove that allows for the C-Ring to keep the patented lock washer in place. The “tear drop” washer is keyed to go over the head of the bolt in place and rest in place against the manifold making a mechanical lock in place allowing no possible movement of the bolt. A c-ring simply snaps into place keeping the washer from falling off. This system means that you no longer have to rely on threadlock for your manifold screws. Included are two aluminum collars to allow for proper spacing on pipes like the ddm dominator pipes that have a “square” type flange going into a circle. These will not work with all pipes, but most that I have seen should allow for fitment as long as you can get at them with a spanner wrench or socket wrench (like VRC, Bartolone, etc.) Installation is a breeze! I spent about 10 minutes installing it on our test mule Losi 5IVE with our dominator pipe (including taking pictures as I went).
Link for purchase here



Enough words. MORE PICTURES!

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