PhatDad RC New Losi 5ive-T Items

RCLS Welcomes PhatDad RC as a new vendor to the forum and would like to announce some cool new products for the Losi 5ive-T from PhatDads product line.

Bronze Bushings
They should retail for around $21.00 with the drillbit and $17.00 with out the drillbit. Most guys have a 3/8″ drillbit in the garage. This will be a simple and inexpensive mod. One more thing to think about is the rear hinge pins are binding up bad.your anti squat and toe are all riding on the angle of the hinge pins. Some guys may think why use bushing when the arms are only going to pivot on the pins. Here is what happens just like the baja. Once you start racing and bashing those arms are flexing binding on the hinge pins forcing the pins to turn inside the plates or bushings. Cheaper to replace bushings instead of plates.




Ok Guys. First phase pic for you. 300m Steel Losi Dogbones
My Losi dogbones will have replaceable 5mm dowel pins.
The Knurling on the Dogbones is not for looks.



 Team Phat Dad Products can be purchased direct by clicking HERE


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