2 Hot new items from Turtle Racing Products

Turtle Racing Products has done it again with 2 new revisions of existing products.  First the V2 Baja Clutch System, reworked and redesigned to include better cooling performance, ease of maintenance and removal.  Second the V2 completely redesigned Pull Start which is by far the best system available.

Mega cooling fins that WORK! All of our testing has shown a reduction in bearing temps. My Glamis testers have said that clutch fade is GONE! The same was said at the track. The clutches and bearings stayed just as cool on the track as in the sand, and they stayed just as cool as any open carrier.

We kept the Very Important venting, allows a release for all the pressure that could build up in an enclosed system that is not vented.

The Trans Plate mount is now a separate piece! This means you no longer need to take apart what seems to be the whole rear end of the Baja to access the clutch. Now you have all the benefits of the enclosed carrier with the ONLY benefit of the open carrier, easy access!

The V2 Pull Start will be completely rebuildable, all parts will be available for service.  Cable instead of rope, new 3 finger pull handle designed by Team Chase.  Double bent spring ends so no more slipped springs.  Oil lite bushings for extremely smooth operation.  Ability to rotate pull handle in any direction for different vehicle types.

Available in Raw, Orange, Black and Gunmetal

Both ends of the flat recoil spring double bent so no more pulling out and will greatly decrease the chance of breaking.

Is this not a pretty sight?

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