RCLS Vendor Giveaway #1 Brought to you by Full Force RC


RCLS Vendor Giveaway #1 will start with some cool products from Full Force RC.  Our first Giveaway will consist of Full Force RC’s Losi 5ive-T front and rear aluminum chassis braces and a set of aluminum body washers.


How cool is this?

Full Force RC is pleased to see the attention this Giveaway has received and would like to sweeten the prize package if you meet a goal of 500 posts/4000 views within this thread by 12 noon central time on March 29th 2012  Full Force RC will include an additional prize of a Losi 5ive-T rear skid plate.
Guest viewers of this thread there is still time to sign up for a membership on RCLS and get entered into this awesome Giveaway!
Huge thank you to Full Force RC for making this possible!!!

A brief history of Full Force RC:


“Fullforce RC started back in the summer 2000 as a way to fund my RC hobby.  Getting in on the craze of the original TRX 15 T-Maxx trucks was the start of the business.  I had been into the hobby back in the late 80′s but the nitro monster trucks were what drew me back in.  The first official product was the center skid plate for those trucks made from 1/8″ diamond plate.  From there is just kept growing.  In 2004 we went  full time with it and kept other businesses on the back burner.
Over the course of the years we’ve grown our line of products and keep up with the changing market.  Seems like there is always a hot and new vehicle coming out which means more prospects for aftermarket parts.
All of our machined products are American made from start to finish and are top of the line both in quality and affordability.  I look at a product design and ask, would I pay good money for this?  That’s pretty strict as I am a bit of a cheapskate.   We take pride in our products and we won’t sell it if it won’t impress.  Everything we make has to give you an improvement in some way over the stock product – stronger, lighter, performance, even cosmetic parts have to be improved.   We want to be sure that when you’re spending your money on one of our products that you are a happy and satisfied customer!
We’re a family run business with myself, my wife and our kids making up the whole labor force(seems like I tend to be the one answering the phone all the time though). In the years that I’ve been involved in the hobby I have had the opportunity to interact with many different people.  We used to have a board here in the office with a map of the world and pins marking all the cities and countries we’ve shipped FFRC products to.  We had to take the board down as we were always running out of pins”
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Who is Eligible to Enter?

All Members with 50 posts or greater by Giveaway end date of March 29, 2012.

How do you enter the giveaway?

Simply post in this Thread.  One Entry per day. Contest will run for 30 days.  Winner will have 7 days to claim prize from the date the winner is announced.

If you are not currently a member on RCLS, now is the perfect time to sign up.  We will have some items for all levels of memberships including those of you who are new with less than 50 posts.

Thank you to Full Force RC for making this possible!!! Please remember to Support our Site Sponsors!

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