Giveaway #17- Vertigo Performance Products Full Hpi Baja Extended Axle Set

RCLS Vendor Giveaway #17 Courtesy of Vertigo Performance Products  Extended full Hub set for the HPI Baja. 9mm Rear Extended and Clipless Extended Fronts.

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Who is Eligible to Enter?
All Forum Members Who Achieve at least 50 posts by Giveaway end date of November 16th, 2012, Star Supporting Members have no minimum post count.

How do you enter the giveaway?

Simply post something in the thread. One Entry per day. Giveaway will run for 30 days. Winner will have 7 days to claim prize from the date the winner is announced.

If you are not currently a member on RCLS, now is the perfect time to Register as Decembers Giveaway is a Huge one!

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– Adds 9mm to each corner (+18mm overall tread width) for better stability
– We use the same hardened pin/Oring retainer we have used for many years on other great Vertigo Products.
– No bolts to break causing your wheels to fall off.
– Retaining rings are made from Oil, fuel and chemical resistant Nitrile so they won’t break down over time if you spill gas on them.
– Retainers prevent the steel ring on the back of your wheel from falling off.
– Compatible with vertigo performance front axles part number 61627
(Fits all versions of the Baja)

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61622 Clipless Adjustable Front Extender Axles (Old part number VPP1622ST)
– Widens the front of your HPI Baja by 16mm
– Adjustable front axles allow tuning of front end.
– Using included wider hubs gives better stability while narrowing the front to stock width using the stock rear hubs allows tuning for better turn in when you are racing.
– Front axles have a flange that eliminates the need for clips or bolts
– Shaft is hollowed out to reduce weight
– Functions with all available A-arms on the market
– Designed for use with front brakes

– Includes – 2 Axles, 2 front hubs, 2 hardened steel pins.
– Shafts made from blackened steel that won’t bend in crashes

(Fits all versions of the Baja)

Huge Thank you to vertigo performance for Making this Giveaway Possible!

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