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Thread: FFRC Pitbox/screw kit or LOSI emergency hardware kit ?.

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Thumbs down FFRC Pitbox/screw kit or LOSI emergency hardware kit ?.

Well I bit the bullet last week and bought the Losi Emergency hardware kit along with the fullforce-rc Pitbox/screw kit, one to compare them, but mainly two I was missing some essential Losi fixing's.
There is only a pound sterling difference in the prices FFRC is the dearer of the two.
One of the main reason's I bought the Losi kit was I did not have a couple of the harder to find fixing's, and nobody had an inventory of contents so I thought I would be safe buying from Losi as their kits are very comprehensive, not even the LOSI site had a list of contents and believe me I searched everywhere, unlike the FullForce one, I will get back to that one.
There are 190 piece's included in the box, and not enough deviders if you wish to add extra items as I did, by adding the Fullorce kit to the box.
IMO around half will be useful, I reckon 45% will not get used ever, 5% will end up getting dropped in the in the pits and never found again.
I have to admit to being very dissapointed with it overall, it would get my vote of only 4 out of 10, dissapointing I know, but as an emergency kit I expected to get some of the harder fixing's to locate, lets be honest most of us have got something that will do the job either in capped, buttonhead or countersunk form's. Admittedly it did have the drive pins but no spring clip's LOSB3220 to hold the centre drive pins in, you know the one that team chase have come up with a brilliant answer to, but for those on a budget and who are trying to keep it as stock as the wallet will allow tough.
I was hoping for the lower shock button heads LOSB6579, especially the lefthand thread ones, almost impossible to get in the local hobby store let alone the local DIY store, of which in my kneck of the woods is nothing and my LHS is 300 miles away.
Again another awkward one, the steering drag link bolts and bush's LOSB2552 just one bolt and bush would have helped, I have about twenty pound in wieght of oddball fixing's and nothing like it, I did find one bolt that would do for this and the brake pad bolt at a push LOSB3231.
Another iffy one is the rear toe block and brace setscrew in particular LOSB6481 quite long and 2mm, not one I could put my hand on in either one of my three pitbox's I made up for my HPI,MCD and Smartech.
A couple of the 18/58 spacers LOSB5805 or it is game over unlike other makes where another countersunk bolt is all that is required.
One definately, maybe two side cage fixing block's LOSB6591.
Top shock mount's just one would help LOSB2859.
IMO as far as the rest of the contents are concerned I would recomend the fullforce-rc Pitbox/Screw kit over Losi's, as it is not a emergency hardware kit or full replacement screw set, but a well thought out box of fixing's I will be able to use on all ten of my largesale vehicles inclding my VMX450 not just the Losi. It has even got four hub bearing's included, and a list of content's, and although less parts IMO it is a far better buy as you can add the more obscure item's as you go, and not be out of pocket.
What I am now doing is every time I order something for one of my vehicles I am ordering the fixings and impossible items I have listed, and feel should have been included, and the majority of the standard bolts left out, now that would have been worth the 28.99.
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Default Re: FFRC Pitbox/screw kit or LOSI emergency hardware kit ?.

I have both kits also and put them together and have the same issue. I ended up purchasing the bolts not included that you mentioned. Especially the reverse thread screws you could use a regular if had to but these are a special item and Losi should have atleast included a spare.
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Default Re: FFRC Pitbox/screw kit or LOSI emergency hardware kit ?.

Glad you like our kit!
We do put a lot of thought into these things. We go back to the trucks over and over again and keep asking guys what is getting damaged. Then we make the list as thoroughly as possible and try and drop in an ample supply of what is really needed. Our new kits here for the 5ive as well as our Baja kits were intentional packaged in bags rather than the plastic case to make it easier to international shipping. You still have the option of adding one of our plastic cases if you are buying it direct from us or putting the kit into your own case.
For every kit that we've done in the past we seem to always get the same response. Everyone loves them but we get a few guys with the "Wish it has the size X in there". Keep in mind that we can't possibly put it every single special sized screw here and keep the price reasonable. We'd end up with screw kit that would be so overprice and unreasonable that it would never sell. :-)
You can pick up our kits from ddm, tgn, largescalerc and for you international guys in Germany www.modellbaucenter-bochum.de, Switzerland A-M-S Tuning-Solutions for RC-Cars and Funcar's as well as any other one of our many dealers!
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Default Re: FFRC Pitbox/screw kit or LOSI emergency hardware kit ?.

I was'nt knocking your kit for missing some of the more obscure bolts, it was Losi in the firing line for that, I knew what my money was purchasing with your kit, as I felt as they made the truck and they advertise it as an emergency kit in my opinion it should have included these and maybe left out the one's most of us have sitting around in our pit box's as these fit multiple vehicles.
In the original kit from HPI when unboxed they had a couple of bags with the fixings the average guy would not have laying around, and as Losi had'nt I assumed the emergency hardware kit would have them, and as I said no contents list anywhere, and I hunted around so I spent 28.99 on a lottery and lost, as no lower shock mount bolts, I know you can buy them seperately for 1.99, so would not have been out of the way to think that and the other hardware not easy to buy locally would be in their kit, I am now having to spend around another 10.00 to add the one's I expected to buy in the kit, I would not have purchased it I would have bought the ffrc and the others from my very helpful guy in the UK.
So sorry if you thought I was asking for any extra item's I ws not as I knew what I was spending my cash on, I have so many of your parts fitted I should have a sticker saying driven by fullforce-rc lol, many thanks for your most excellent part's.
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enough to drive you nuts.

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